Tanya Rastogi

Wear the blush of Rubies with Cocktail Earrings Collection by Tanya Rastogi

Lucknow: Renowned as the heiress to Jewellers of Awadh, Tanya Rastogi captures the enigma of cerise in her Cocktail Earrings collection awestruck with Scintillating Rubies. Crafted with great intricacy, each masterpiece of this Roseate Charm translates into eternal self-romanticism.

These thought-provoking masterpieces are futuristically carved out in 18 K Gold finished to perfection with a black-polished tone and sprinkled with the magical cast of fine-cut diamonds in an invisible setting which vividly mingles with the abundance of Rubies. Designed with great sophistication, this innovative and youthful collection quintessentially speaks about the dynamic taste of Modern Royals.

These luminary assortments can be graced for a High-Tea gathering or a Wine & Cheese Soiree. Each individual design is dedicated to the Modern Royals who lets her persona reflect in her ensemble wherever she goes.

About Tanya Rastogi:

Tanya Rastogi is a Jewellery Connoisseur and curator, known for her everlasting eternal creations and enticing estate jewellery masterpieces. Coming from the family of the Nawabs ‘Lala Jugal Kishore Jewellers, the jewelers to the Nawabs of Awadh since centuries’, Tanya Rastogi was fortunate to have access to rare jewels that were once only adorned by the Nawabs of Lucknow. Her relentless love for jewellery is the prime force behind the creation of ‘JEWELS OF AWADH’. Her eternal romance with antiquity and passion for restoring rare designs from the bygone era is the reason that she creates enticing, eternal and imperial designs for generations to cherish

She has been known for her work at the Christine’s Auction, with proceeds going to the NGO, Nanhi Kali, as well as being a part of a Community Based Organization that works for the cause of revamping the infrastructure of government schools. Over the last decade, the jewellery giants from Lucknow, Lala Jugal Kishore Jewellers advanced by leaps and bounds, with the aid of Tanya’s brilliant artistic acumen and vision. She has personally managed and brought up 3 of Lala Jugal Kishore Jewellers’ flagship stores in Lucknow, in Mahanagar, Aminabad and Alambagh, respectively.Tanya Rastogi Tanya Rastogi Tanya Rastogi

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