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Shine kemflw launches Alkaline Water System

Lucknow: Changing lifestyle and and undisciplined food habits, especially,  the canned food, have a telling effect on our digestive system, therein, slowing the overall metabolism. Alkaline Water is the potential solution for issues related to digestion. In the wake of ever increasing ailments related to digestive system, Shine Kemflw has launched Alkaline Water Systems at affordable rates.

Speaking on the launch, Mr. Rashid Naseem, Director, Shine Kemflw said: “Today we are very happy to launch Alkaline Water System which is the need of the hour. It systematizes the process of digestion and and mitigates the issues occurred due to change in  food habits. This increases our body’s pH level. Alkaline water improves assimilation of essential vitamines in the body. Its high pH levels balance the cholesterol and fat levels in the body.”

Shine Kemflw has launched R.O. plus Alkaline Water System and  UV Plus Alkaline Water System at a very low price. Three models of this water system — Desie (Rs.11000), Ultra plus (Rs.7500) and Ultra (Rs.5500) have been brought out. These products will be available in free market from the first week of July.

Rashid Naseem

Director, Shine Kemflw, Rashid Naseem at the launch function

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