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There are no shortcuts to success, working hard is the only way: Rashid Naseem

Lucknow: If you want to taste success and growth in less time then you will have to walk that extra mile and give that extra effort to make it happen, says Chief Managing Director of Shine Group, Rashid Naseem in an exclusive one to one. Here are the excerpts from the interview..

What exactly you are doing in business that a normal business man cannot? We have heard that you travel more than 50000kms in one month regarding your business, how do you manage to do that?

When I am travelling for work I usually don’t take it as a burden like many people do. My inspiration comes from Mahatma Gandhi who walked more than me and our Prime Minister Narendra Modi who travels so much for the betterment of the country. I try to utilize my travel time for my work, which makes the journey a lot easier for me. Before going on any business trip I plan my budget and set the growth target for my visit. If the cost is calculable for doing any business then it is easier to expand the business. I give a goal to myself post which I start working towards my goal. A business target is fixed on my every journey, so that nothing goes over pre-defined budget, ultimately all the responsibility is mine.

How tough it is to do business in today’s challenging times?

If you are doing business then challenges will always embrace you. There are two types of people, one who dig out market information from the people in the market and then decide what exactly the demands of the market are. While the second kind of people are those who are themselves connected to their respective businesses. Such people can take on any challenge and emerge as a winner. I do not think there is any such thing that you want to do and if you have the ability, then you cannot achieve it. And success comes to those who dare to take on challenges.

Today a lot of emphasis is given on Startups but still many startups are unsuccessful. Even big companies are under pressure to do something new every moment. How do you see this?

As per my perception, we are a young country. We move on a new thinking today. Earlier we used to follow only what our parents used to tell us, but today we rely on doing a thorough research on the internet before buying any single product. Well this also has both pros and cons. If any start-up is started keeping in mind the aspect of population and services are also planned accordingly then it will be a hit for sure. Big and established companies will also have to cope up with time and mend their ways accordingly if they want to survive the competition. Social Media has created new brands today and every business has to go along while keeping youth in mind.

How has the GST and Demonetization impacted the business today?

Today GST and Demonetization are a hot topic. It has been implemented by the most discerning people in the country under a plan. It should not be considered as a rule imposed on anyone. If you support it and do business based on it, then you will benefit from it. Negative impact of any rule happens only if one does not accept it.

Today everyone wants to be successful in business but they lack patience, specially our youngsters. What is your advice to them?

This is a simple and a difficult question at the same time. It all depends on how much effort do you make yourself to give you the stability of a successful business. In any given area you will have to work hard is you wish to achieve success, there are no shortcuts for that. If you want to achieve 10 years of progress in just one year, then you will have to do 10 years of hard work in one year.

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