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MAAC organises an Animation Award Ceremony for Clash of Creativity competition

Lucknow: Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC) organised an Award ceremony for the winners of Clash of Creativity competition. The Award Ceremony was held in Sangeet Natya Academy, Gomtinagar. Out of the 700 students’ participation, 150 students were winners and were awarded under various categories. The different categories of the competition include – Best of 3D challenge, Best of visual effects challenge, Best of 2D short movie, Best of DFM short movie  and Best of 3D script to screen movie. The result was declared after 128 days of the competition.

There were various categories among which competition was organized and winners were awarded for the same during the event. In theDigital painting category it was Mr. Shivam Yadav From Lucknow and Hussain Zameel from Kanpur who grab the award, in the field of Photography Shubham Singh from Lucknow and Abhishek Dwivedi from Kanpur, in the field of 3D Architecture it was Krishna Pratap from Lucknow and Deepu Singh from Kanpur and in the field of Motion Graphics Suleman Ahmad from Lucknow and Rajat Mishra from Kanpur and Matte Painting Babli Chail from Lucknow and Shivam Joshi from Kanpur who glorified the department.

During the ceremony, O.P. Singh, Director General of Uttar Pradesh Police said, “I appreciate MAAC’s dynamism, clarity and their adaptability to changing times. The young generation should not be deprived of the skill, innovation and vocation in today’s world. Since MAAC being at the forefront of providing such a platform for the creativity and innovation in Lucknow and Kanpur, we desiderd that they will extend to provide such kind of platform in entire Uttar Pradesh which will help to contribute to the future of the country and its development by impacting the young minds.”

On the occasion, Raman Sharma, Director of MAAC, said, “We are proud to say that MAAC has organised this kind of animation competition in Lucknow and Kanpur. We intend to organise this competition on State level the next time. We thank the 700 students who participated in the competition and congratulate the 150 students who won. It’s all about creativity and the competition was held with intention of bringing out the creativity and thoughts that came outside of the box. We believe in refurbishing our students to be even more artistic of what they already are.”

Jagdish Gandhi, Founder Director of CMS said, “I am honoured to be at an event where I can witness the growth of our society. It’s overwhelming to see that the youth of our country is channelized into such an amazing field. I congratulate MAAC for the success it has made over the years. I also congratulate the students who have won and those who couldn’t. All of you are blessed with creative minds, all you need to do is put it in the right task and benefit the society we all live in. In the dynamic country like ours, you are the leaders of today and tomorrow.”

MAAC smartens its students up in careers of 3D animation, VFX, filmmaking, gaming, web, graphic design, and media & entertainment. It is a media & entertainment education brand of Aptech. The Academy has provided its students with top notch job placements by various career-oriented courses, and quality education.

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