How We Consume Internet and TV Media, in Charts and Maps

Spear Desk: So, how many hours a day do you spend watching TV or consuming media over the Internet? We bet it’s plenty for most of you – so much so that every now and then it screws up your productivity and decision-making, leaving you with a sense of guilt and shame.

Considering how a large chunk of the worldwide population – especially the younger generation – stay glued to their smartphone/tablet/PC for hours on an average day, you are certainly not alone.

Nevertheless, if you wanted to compare your media consumption habits with the rest of the world, we have some pretty insightful maps and charts that will hopefully help you decode how people from other corners of the globe are spending their time with TV and the Internet.

Let’s start with a chart showing the daily distribution of screen minutes across countries. It includes media consumption through all available sources including the TV, smartphone, tablets, and PCs.

On average, Indians spend 384 minutes consuming TV & Internet media every day

global media consumption trend

As you can see, when all devices are taken into account, Indonesia, Philippines, and China top the chart with the first, second, and third spots respectively.  The United States stands fifth and India at the 21st spot in the same list. On average, Indians spend 384 minutes on digital screens every day.

Now, let’s split that chart device-by-device.

Daily distribution of screen minutes across countries – Television (minutes)

global media consumption habits tv

Compared to countries mentioned in the chart above, India’s distribution of screen minutes (TV) stands at 96 minutes.

Daily distribution of screen minutes across countries – PC (minutes)

global media consumption trend pc

Daily distribution of screen minutes across countries – Smartphone (minutes)

global media consumption trend smartphone

Daily distribution of screen minutes across countries – Tablet (minutes)

global media consumption trend tablet

India’s distribution of screen minutes (tablet) is only 31 minutes. That’s probably because penetration of tablet computers in the Indian market is still lower than other major markets.

For those of you who prefer maps over charts, here are a couple of maps depicting the television and smartphone usage all over the world:

Worldwide TV habits (in minutes)

(darker color means more TV)

global tv habits

How long people across different countries use their smartphones daily (in minutes):

(darker color means higher smartphone use)

global smartphone use trend

Data source: Mary Meeker

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