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Have you tried ‘Khade Masale ka Mutton’ at Dehatwala Kitchen!

Lucknow: It is said that a true non-veg foodie’s first love is mutton due to its ability to mingle with the spices which gives it a delicious taste. One such mutton dish which is becoming talk of the town is the ‘Khade Masale Ka Mutton’ at Dehatwala Kitchen in Gomti Nagar area of Lucknow. Served in an earthen ‘Handi’, this mutton dish has caught the attention of foodies from all over lucknow. Today we are sharing the much wanted and talked about recipe of this sumptuous mutton dish.

Speaking to newsspear, owner of the Dehatwala Kitchen, Mr Singh said,”Today we are going to tell you about a great dish a dish which entices everyone. This is a very special delicacy and ready to be specially prepared for you at Dehatwala Kitchen. The name of the dish is ‘Khade Masale ka Mutton’ which is made only from selected whole spices and tender mutton pieces.”

“Due to whole spices and its special cooking technique, this dish becomes extremely hot and lip smacking. When tender mutton Juice meets these selected spices, then the very special yummy taste is born. KMM tastes so different and good that that eating it once is just not enough,” added Mr Singh.

Recipe: To make the mutton of the KMM, firstly select whole spices (Khada Masala), such as fennel, cloves, cinnamon etc. are sautéed on low flame till it starts crackling. Then finely chopped onions are added and roasted to perfection. Now it is the time to make this paste stand out. To do this, ginger and garlic paste are mixed in a big way, they are then shallow fried till the time there specific aromas start enveloping the nostrils.

At this stage the tender mutton pieces are added and fried to the desired level. This is further fine tuned by the expert chefs who have developed this dish over a span of time. Due to this process, the intoxicating flavour and texture of the mutton emerges.

After this it is mixed with  yogurt .This is also an important part. How much curd, what type of curd, how to mix, it comes only after making KMM for years. After adding curd, mutton is cooked for a fixed period of time.

When it gets cooked, then cDehatwaala Kitchenomes the magical moment. Yes, we now use our secret whole spices and herbs. We mix a mixture of centuries-old traditional spices which is our trade secret. Cooked over a very well defined time frame the dish starts to come to life. ‘Khade Masale ka Mutton’ is now ready to tingle your taste buds.

Taste, in your Budget

If the taste is full of hard work and experience and extremely selected spices, it will be expensive, it is not at all. Prices of Dehatwala Kitchen are extremely pocket friendly. Despite the low prices, the quality of food is of high quality. And we pack it in earthen Handi so that the spices can mingle with the heady aroma of  soil which adds to the very interesting taste of the dish.

Superfast supplier of taste is Dehatwala Kitchen at  1/101, in Vijay Khand,Gomtianagar  and our team is prepared to deliver this unique taste to you at your home in the shortest possible time, just call on 6391019999 or 6391017777.


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