Tanya Rastogi

An expedition to Awadhi Culture with Tanya Rastogi

Lucknow: The aesthetic landscape of India has been changing its hues and shades with times and with the latest trend on its horizon is the regal glimpse of Awadhi culture being empathically reiterated by Tanya Rastogi – Jewels of Awadh. Co-owner and ace designer of Lala Jugal Kishore Jewellers, Tanya Rastogi recently flaunted her exquisite jewellery pieces at a fashion show through the star cast of “Calendar Girls” and in series , now she is planning to showcase her collection through tour of North India, starting from Varanasi, Allahabad, Kanpur, Agra, etc and finally halting at Lucknow. The tour will encompass display of jewellery depicting quintessential Awadhi style. “It encompasses a wide range of uncut diamonds and Colombian Emeralds providing it the grand and majestic look of the yore, especially, of the times when royal Awadhi women used to don them, “she observed.

Tanya Rastogi, as a brand, has already made its presence felt in the cyberspace through .The designs of Tanya seem to draw a legacy and inspiration from the royal era of Awadh. So her upcoming collection will be an amalgamation of basra pearls, old Coloumbian emeralds and old Burmese rubies to give a vintage look to the range.

Manish Tripathi

Tanya Rastogi, (second from right) with Madhur Bhandarkar and cast of Calendar Girls

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