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10,000 steps can prevent young ones from Arthritis

Lucknow: It is often believed that arthritis affects people of 65 years or older but age is not the only factor that cause the disease. The number of cases of arthritis in youth above 20 years is continuously increasing due to the rapidly changing lifestyle and increased stress of daily life. Students, office-goers, pregnant women to senior citizens, it affects the life of almost every Indian.

Arthritis which is often associated with older people is now a growing concern amongst youngsters. Genetic changes, unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, obesity, tobacco consumption and irregular sleep patterns also contributes in causing arthritis to majority of people. Senior consultant of Radius Joint Surgery Hospital Dr. Sanjai Kumar Srivastava said, “Age is not the only cause of arthritis but with the changing lifestyle, arthritis in younger people above 20 years is commonly visible nowadays. Cigarette smoking can cause a genetic reaction that leads to a more severe form of rheumatoid arthritis”. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes more of physical activity while at the same time taking extra precautions against injury and quitting smoking can give a major relief in arthritis pain.

He further added, “Nearly 15 % of our population suffers from the most common bone disease, arthritis and about 75% of the people suffering are due to deficiency of Vitamin-D”. Swelling, soreness, stiffness or numbness in joints are major symptoms of arthritis among all generations. The most common causes of arthritis affecting young people include Juvenile chronic arthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis and Ankylosing spondilitis, etc.  Osteoarthritis is the most prevalent form of arthritis which affects 15 million adults every year in India. More than 50% of osteoarthritis cases result from a hereditary deposition.

The risk of arthritis can lessen down by changing your lifestyle patterns and shifting towards a healthier lifestyle by incorporating exercise in your daily routine. Managing Director, Radius Joint Surgery Hospital, Dr. Rupaly Srivastava(obstetrics, gynecologist) said, “Brisk walking involving at least 10,000 steps and practicing yoga everyday can give a major relief to arthritis pain and increase your milk intake. If you are a fish eater then salmon and tuna are excellent sources of vitamin-D and so are egg yolks and cheese.” People with arthritis need to follow a strict routine which includes a balanced and healthy diet and use of physiotherapy to keep your condition under control and minimize the pain and discomfort.

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